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January 26, 2024

Northview students engage in breakout box activity as an introduction to Romeo and Juliet

Ninth-grade students at Northview Middle School recently kicked off their exploration of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with a unique twist—an immersive breakout box activity. This creative approach infused excitement into the traditional classroom setting.

Groups of students engaged in a collaborative challenge, solving puzzles and riddles related to the play’s themes, characters, and historical context. The objective was to unlock a series of locks guarding the mysterious contents of the breakout box. The breakout box activity emphasized teamwork and effective communication. The activity showcases an innovative method to bring literature to life. By combining creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, teachers not only foster appreciation for classic works but also impart essential skills extending beyond the classroom. As these ninth-grade students delve into “Romeo and Juliet,” they do so with newfound enthusiasm and skills that transcend the pages of a centuries-old play.

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