August 28, 2020

Welcome Letter

August 7, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!  As we prepare to start another school year at Northview during these unprecedented times, our wish is that your family experiences an exciting year of learning. Over the course of the next couple weeks I will continue to send out information to help you prepare for the upcoming school year. Today I would like to share a few bullet points:

  1. The district decided on the following Hybrid Schedule. Hybrid Schedule

    1. Group 1 will meet on Mondays, Thursdays and every other Wednesday.

    2. Group 2 will meet on Tuesdays, Fridays and every other Wednesday.

    3. Parents will be notified of what group their student(s) have been assigned to on August 15th.

    4. We will use the following Hybrid Bell schedule. Hybrid Bell Schedule

    5. On your student’s first day of school, they will start the day in their first period class.

  1. Students will be required to wear masks and sanitize hands when entering the building. Students will report directly to first period class. There will be no congregating in the hallways, gym or lunchroom before class or during passing periods. Bus riders will be required to wear a mask while on the bus. Hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout the building and readily available to students.

  2. Student academic/PE lockers will not be issued to students. Students need to keep their belongings in their school bags and carry to classrooms. Students will not change for PE class.

  3. Breakfast will be a grab and go format. Students will eat breakfast in the classroom before first period.

  4. Students will be eating lunch in the cafeteria at a desk which will be 6 ft from any other desk so social distancing practices will be in place.

  5. During passing times students will continue to social distance when walking and wear masks. Hallways will be one direction and marked with appropriate arrows for students to follow.

  6. We will have social distance markings on the floor for students to follow when using the hydration stations to fill a water bottle.  We are asking students to have a clear, refillable water bottle with them so they don’t have to touch the drinking fountains.

  7. Student desks and chairs will be disinfected by students between each class period.

  8. Students will be dismissed in a manner that promotes social distancing and will be asked to exit the building through the nearest exit.

  9. We will have a table stationed inside the main entrance for parents to drop off student belongings instead of coming all the way into the main office. Student belongings should be labeled with their name. If a parent/guardian needs to enter the building they will be required to wear a mask.

Student Entrance Points and Parent Drop-Off / Pick-Up (See map below)

  • Students will enter the building through their assigned entrance.

  • Parent drop-off and pick-up is located at the East/Main Entrance (1E), North Entrance (39N), and South Entrance (10S).

  • Bus Riders: West Cafeteria Entrance (22W)

  • Student Drivers/Moped Riders: South Entrance (10S)

  • Bike Riders/Walkers: Enter through closest entrance. East (1E), North (39N), South (10S)

  • Sp. Ed. Bus and Car Drop Off Sp.Ed.: West Entrance (26W)

  • The west cafeteria doors will not be used for parent drop-off or pick-up.  This entrance is reserved for Ankeny School District’s transportation services and staff.

Students operating under a school driver’s permit must register their vehicle with the main office along with paying for a parking sticker. Student drivers will park in the designated parking lot which is in the southwest corner by the softball field.

We have made changes to the times our doors will unlock before school starts. Please do not drop your students off before these time slots so we don’t have large gatherings of students waiting outside the school building. Read chart below:

M,T,TH,F Building opens for drop-off

M, T, TH, F

Student Hours

Wednesday Building opens for drop-off


Student Hours

8:00 am Doors Open

8:20 am – 3:35 pm

10:30 am Doors Open

10:50 am – 3:35

All doors will be locked at 8:20 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday, and Fridays.  Wednesday all doors will be locked at 10:50.  The east entrance serves as the main entrance to the building.

I speak on behalf of the staff at Northview when I say that we look forward to the day when we can return back to school under normal circumstances, but know your student’s safety and well being is on the top of our priority list each and every day.  Your family is important to us.  We can’t wait to see you all for your first day of school.


Jay Slight


Northview Middle School